Table Tennis Vibration
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Table Tennis Vibration
TTVib is not a physiotherapic instrumentation but a specialistic one, used to improve technical performance in Table Tennis.
TTVib - Table Tennis Vibration is an innovative and exclusive focal mechanical vibration instrumentation. It was born as a technological development of a commercial product that has been on the market for 25 years.

TTVib emits a beneficial low-intensity vibration and is positioned locally on each individual muscle. TTVib delivers nerve and NOT muscle stimulation, as it optimizes muscle tone through the activation of the neuromuscular Spindle.

This allows you to "conduct" information on how Tone is regulated at the muscle level up to the corresponding sensory-motor cortical Area. Here this input is processed and a new tone regularization output is processed which, through the descending nerve pathways, reaches the muscle.

Vibrational programs at specific frequencies and a specialized protocol, specially designed for the modern table tennis technique, offer immediate effects on the Fluidity of the technical gesture, neuromotor Coordination, explosive Strength and Speed of the stroke.
Therefore TTVib does NOT improve the execution technique of the blow, but the temporal-spatial parameters with which the gesture is performed.
The first feedbacks of our research carried out so far, suggest that TTVib favors in table tennis:

• Reduction of Reaction Times
• A finer decision-making Process
• Greater Accuracy of hits

We have therefore prepared tests to be carried out (as soon as possible) at the table that are able to quantify the benefits obtainable with TTVib stimulation in terms of increasing:

Power of the blow
Resistance of the blow
Regularity of the shot
Accuracy of the shot
Speed ​​of the shot
Just as an example, with TTVib it would be possible to obtain the following technical benefits:

• More power in the Top and Counter Top
• Faster Footwork
• Faster Top Speed ​​and early Counter Top
• Higher Regularity in the Top and Counter Top
• Higher Precision in the Top and Counter Top
• Finer control in the active Block
• Greater muscular Endurance in long exchanges
• Greater feeling in all wrist strokes
• Remission of muscle Stiffness
• Greater self-Esteem and Awareness

The Protocol provides for a minimum stimulation of 20 minutes up to a maximum of 60 minutes per day for 3 consecutive days. It is performed on specific muscles that are activated in the execution of a certain stroke. The pongist perceives the benefit already at the end of the first stimulation.
During the 3 days of stimulation the player MUST train as usual. The TTVib stimulation integrates with the standard Athletic Preparation, Weightlifting and Table Training programs and does NOT replace any part of them.

TTVib can be used in the Pre, during and Post training or competition phase with various objectives such as Muscle Relaxation, Regeneration, Toning, Enhancement of the technical gesture, increase of Resistance, execution Regularity, Accuracy of the blow and speed up of the Recovery of fatigue.

TTVib has no side effects, it is not invasive, it is not painful, indeed it is relaxing and pleasant.
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