October 2020 - TTVIB

Table Tennis Vibration
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October 2020

I have used TTVib – Table Tennis Vibration with success on a small group of Italian professional pongists to improve the forehand Top spin.

On only one of them, TTVib was used to dissolve muscle stiffness spread in different areas of the body.

We worked on the strengthening of the forehand Top spin for 60 minutes a day for 3 consecutive days.

The following muscles were stimulated on the dominant side: Anterior Deltoid / Pectoralis major - Shoulder external rotators, External / internal rotation of the hip and Medial and external Gastrocnemius.

A specific frequency Program for neuromuscular strengthening was used.
During the 3 days of stimulation, the players continued to train regularly and as usual.

The results were perceived clearly and immediately. They can be synthesized in:

· Looser shoulder with smoother movement
· Faster arm and with increased explosive force in the Top spin and Counter Top spin
· Stronger and more precise hits

The pongist who has practiced the specific stimulation for the generalized muscle stiffness, from the Achilles tendons to the back up to the pectoral, achieved this result:

Now, during the training, he does not feel anymore the muscolar tension or blocks.

The results were immediate, since the first application, because TTVib works on the muscle tone and NOT on the muscles, like the electrostimulation.

So, the Central Nervous System is enhanced and it reacts immediately, giving greater speed and explosive strength to the muscles.

The benefits lasted about ten days during which it was also reported a greater explosiveness in the footwork that made you arrive slightly earlier on the ball.

TTVib was used only by me.

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