Table Tennis Vibration
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TTVib is a physiotherapy instrument?
No, it is a tool to improve the Performance in Table Tennis
Does TTVib improve your striking technique??
No, that stays the same
What immediately improves TTVib?
The explosive force of the technical blow
When are the first benefits perceived?
Already at the end of the first stimulation
Why is TTVib so fast in effects?
Because it emits nerve stimulation, not muscle
Does TTVib have any side effects?
What hits can be stimulated with TTVib?
Everyone, even footwork

Does TTIB also work in Paralympic Table Tennis?
Yes, because it improves muscle tone

Besides explosive strength, what does TTVib improve?
The Speed, Power and Resistance of the hits
Can I use TTVib every day?
No, only 3 consecutive days every time you need it
Every when can the instrumentation be repeated?
Whenever you need it
How long do the effects last?
It depends on several variables. Generally, if you do not have  intercurrent muscle-tendon problems or injuries,
you train constantly  and in the same way, from a minimum of one week to a maximum of 2-3  weeks
Using TTVib can I decrease some load or repetition of the weights?
No, TTVib does not replace any type of usual training
Using TTVib do I have to change anything in my training?
Is it useful to undergo TTVib before or during a competition?
Yes, first to strengthen, during as a cool down
Can I use electrostimulation or mechanical vibrators after TTVib?
No, because all the benefits obtained are canceled
If for organizational reasons I only have 1 hour available to do TTVib and not 3 consecutive days,
is it possible to do the same stimulation?
Yes, with a reduced effect
How does TTVib improve the hit Speed?
Because it increases the explosive Strength
Are weights used during TTVib stimulation?
No, because it is nerve stimulation
Is it useful to use TTVib after a competition or a particularly strenuous workout?
Yes, because muscle fatigue is recovered faster
Can I train less athletically and at the table using TTVib?
No, to fully perceive the benefits, the quantity and quality of training must be equal or greater
How is it possible that TTVib improves the explosive strength?
By optimizing muscle tone and strengthening neuronal networks
With TTVib can I feel the increased speed of the arm?
Yes, as a result of greater neuromuscular reactivity and proprioceptive sensitivity
Does TTVib also improve hit power?
Yes, because there is an increase in both explosive strength and speed
With TTVib is it possible to get on the ball earlier?
Yes, because the work of the legs and feet is faster
Why is there more Resistance in long rallies?
Because  they work the right muscles, in a kinetic chain and at the right  timing. Therefore there are no more
co-contracts or compensation  mechanisms
Why with TTVib you have greater accuracy of the shots?
Because the execution of the shots becomes more regular
How does TTVib prevent injuries?
With TTVib you improve your strength without having to frequently use increasing loads

Do I have to stop training when I undergo TTVib?
No, you need to train as usual
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