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Table Tennis Vibration
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Nicola Di Fiore (professional table tennis player n. 30 of the Italian National Ranking)
“The main considerations regarding the stimulation I think mainly concern the improvements that have occurred since the day we started and that have been constant also in reference to the data obtained. From the first session the main aspect for me was the increase in strength in relation to fluency, which is usually obtained with hours of training that in this case there were not.

In practice, the trained shot seemed to improve, as then also shown by the data in a constant way without carrying out large workloads. The new thing was that on the second day, even if I only had the stimulation without a table, I had the sensation of being warm and ready to enter the field without having hit a single ball.

On the third and final day of  stimulation strength, endurance and accuracy based on data and body sensations were improved. In the following days I continued to carry out my routine of 3/4 intense training sessions per week where I found an improvement  on the movement that had been considered for the stimulation for a period of about 10/12 days.

It would be useful to do the same procedure on other technical moves to see the effects on mixed play.”

Alessandro Baciocchi  (professional table tennis player n. 4 of the Italian National Ranking)

" I performed the neuromuscular stimulation by Rino Monetta twice, the first in late August and the second in early October. By treatment we mean one session a day for at least one hour and to be repeated for 3 consecutive days. The treatment is performed by a machine, consisting of 3 mechanical arms,  where at the bottom a ball is attached that emits vibrations at  different frequencies, these arms are aimed at the areas of the body  where you want to increase speed and explosiveness.

From the first to the second treatment I didn't notice much difference, the benefits I had were the same. In  both cases, the days in which I was "treated" (especially the shoulder,  triceps and hip) during training I noticed a greater speed of execution  in the classic hits (top and counter-top) and greater power. I also noticed a sense of lightness in the right limb, and less fatigue.

I  cannot quantify the actual duration of these benefits, however I  believe that in my case they lasted more or less a week from the last  session. Physiotherapist Rino Monetta and his collaborator Daniele are very competent and professional people in their field.

I noticed above all a constant search for perfection by Rino, in performing the exercises and treatments. A  boundless passion that binds him to the world of sport and health, a  great desire to be able to increase the sporting performance of an  athlete.

I cannot precisely quantify the duration of the benefits given by the treatments, but my feelings have been very positive. From  the first session you can immediately see an improvement in speed and a  sense of lightness, which increases more and more in the following  days. I think these treatments are excellent, especially in view of an important competition.

Thanks to Rino and Daniele for the availability and professionalism shown at every juncture"

Antonino Amato (professional table tennis player n. 8 of the Italian National Ranking)

" My name is Antonino Amato, I am a professional table tennis athlete and in recent weeks I have had the opportunity to undergo the stimulation implemented by Rino and his colleague Daniele, through a machine designed by themselves.

The stimulation done in the 3 fundamental components of forehand topspin increased the fluidity of my forehand topspin, and the thing that surprised me is that when I did it I was practically out of practice.

Immediately after the stimulation I felt an incredible naturalness in executing the stroke. It is as if my body was more comfortable performing forehand topspin and I felt as if the 3 stimulated points had memorized the movement without my commanding it. I hope to repeat the treatment soon because I think it is a great resource for us athletes.

Thanks Rino and Daniele"

Francesco Palmieri (professional table tennis player n. 37 of the Italian National Ranking)

" My experience with Dr. Monetta's instrumentation was certainly positive. I  initially had to stop training for 3 days for being able to subject  myself to stimulation, but it was definitely worth it penalty.

In  fact, ever since I resumed training I have noticed some improvements in  the forehand top from multiple points of view: greatest regularity and  precision, best time on the ball, arm a lot more loose and lower elbow (I used to often miss the forehand because I raised my elbow).

Similar sensations also for how much it's about the countertop.

During  my experience I have noticed that the improvements do not show up all  together, but as the workouts I discovered more and more new things on  my top and more safety in the shot.
In  the period following the stimulation, I am improved even in some  schemes that are difficult for me, and I gained greater speed in the  legs (also stimulated) in particular approaching the table (for example  on a short ball) e when leaving the table (hit following a flip)"
Rino Monetta
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